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How do you setup a capture?

  • Declare an ScapCapture variable, then use the "new" notation and one of the 9 Constructor overloads.
    • Like so: ScapCapture Cap = new ScapCapture(true);

How do you Setup the Capture Framework?

  • You must call ScapBackendConfig.ScapBackendSetup(ScapCapture Capture);
    • You can also use the "new" notation here like so: ScapBackendConfig.ScapBackendSetup(new ScapCapture(true));

How do you control the Capture once setup?

  • All Control Methods are located in the ScapCore class.

I captured some frames, but all I see are extension-less files in the capture directory. Why?

  • The Main Capture mechanism requires the files to be compressed and written to the HDD for storage. This means a call to ScapCore.DecompressCapture(bool SaveCompressedFiles) is necesary to view the individual Image files in which ever Image format you selected. This is also necesary if you wish to encode the images into a Video file.

How do I encode a capture into a video?

  • Well assuming you have gotten as far as Decompressing the Images. all that is necesary is a call to ScapCore.EncodeCapture(bool SaveImages) .
    • If you want a play by play its simple really it goes as follows:
ScapCapture Cap = new ScapCapture(true);
//Wait some time for capture to run and get some frames.
while( ScapCore.GetDecompressionProgress() != 1)
//Wait for decompression
while( ScapCore.GetEncodeProgress() != 1)
//Wait for encode
Console.WriteLine("You just captured your first video Congrats");
  • Your main worry here is waiting for the decompression or encoding to finish. they must also be done in order for everything to work out correctly.

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